Monday, July 28, 2014

Postcard from New Zealand

So I haven't seen or heard from my kid in, like, a year and a half and then yesterday he sends me a picture of George Bush holding an ear of corn. And for some reason this makes me weirdly happy. (I should add that this postcard was delivered to me via Facebook, which preceded it with the message "Thomas Texier has tagged you in a photo." Yes!) If Facebook had existed when I was 25 and living in New York City (a million light-years from Randolph, Vermont, just as New Zealand is a million light-years from New York City) I like to think that I would have taken five seconds to send my mom a funny picture that I was sure would make her laugh. She would have loved this one—the top half of her refrigerator door was dedicated to making fun of George Bush. At 25, I was not nearly as together as Thomas, but I resembled him in at least one way: I did not write home very often. When I did, I hope my cards and letters made my mother as happy as this postcard from New Zealand made me.

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